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Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

Is your irrigation system watering the sidewalks more than your grass? Is your water bill unusually high? Do you have a water retention problem throughout your property? If so, it sounds like your system is ineffective, so it’s time to call Artistic Land Management. We can inspect, repair or replace the system to make it function properly.
A faulty irrigation system can cause you to lose trees and plants as a result of over or under watering. A sprinkler or irrigation system requires periodic maintenance in order to insure that it is functioning properly as intended.

Artistic Land Management can perform an irrigation inspection and maintenance on your sprinkler system. If any repairs are necessary, we can handle that too. Routine maintenance is important. If you don’t do the maintenance checks and your system springs a leak, it could erode your property, washing away your grass and landscaping; or even worse, leave you with deep sink holes in your yard.

There are so many benefits to having an irrigation system that works properly. For instance, it is much more economical than manual sprinklers, which can and often do waste water. Irrigation systems also keep your plants and grass green and healthy for the entire year which can generate fantastic curb appeal.

Leave your Irrigation System to the Professionals.

If you would like to make an appointment for an inspection, maintenance or repair of your residential irrigation system, please contact us at (480) 821-4966 or

The book used for training our employees in Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) is Sustainable Landscape Management by Janet L. Waibel landscape architect and certified arborist.

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